Hygiene & restroom services

Our hygiene services division was formed to compliment our pest control services as a natural progression in our efforts to supply our customers with all their enviromental service needs. We offer a complete hygiene and washroom service and are registered watse carriers licensed by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.

We offer a monthly service of slim line sanitary units for your washroom needs. The latest slim line sanitary bins are provided to compliment your washroom area and our discreet service ensures the highest standards of care are maintained in your washroom areas.

We offer a wide range of vending machines which can be configured to vend the items you deem most necessary in your washrooms. Choose from a wide range of consumables dispensed from single, dual or multi vend to suit your individual requirements. Our staff will stock and service the machines on a monthly basis whilst carrying out your washroom servicing.

A wide range is available in white or stainless / chrome colours to match your washroom areas. Choose from perfumed soap or bacterial to suit your individual needs. Our staff will re-fill the units during our monthly washroom servicing.

We offer a full range of British made quality hand / face driers. From basic units right up to the latest turbo drying technology in white or chrome / stainless designed to fit in with your existing decor. Offered on a rental basis or outright purchase.

We offer a fortnightly service on a wide range of dust control mats designed as a barrier to keep entrance and other areas in a cleaner condition. These mats are offered in a wide range of sizes and colours designed to fit in with your colour scheme. Custom made logo mats are also available.

We offer the latest digitally programmed air freshener units programmed to suit your individual requirements. Dispensing a wide range of fragrances with varying degrees of strength to cope with all odours. Our service staff will ensure a monthly re-fill as part of our monthly washroom service.

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